Case Studies

Getty Images Running Shoot

After a taster from the blog, here are a few money of the images from the running shoot, the models were fantastic, I kept it loose, I didn’t want  my models in professional running gear to keep it as I intended,


Sports Relief UEA Sports Park

As I mentioned on my blog, Sports relief sent me down to the UEA Sports Park to photograph the action. There were some amazing people doing wonderful things for charity, it was a great day and a great experience.


Hair Shoot


After the cheeky taster on the blog, here are the images chosen by my client for his hair awards entry. The team was fantastic on the day and we got the images the client was after.


Children’s Football

After the taster from the blog, here are a few of my favourites from the children’s football shoot. The full set is available on Getty Images, by searching Creative Images, and searching by Photographer. This was a fun shoot, interesting working with as many children as I did. The old saying turned out to be incorrect. “Never work with Children or Animals”, the children were a joy to work with and nothing but focused.



A series of images from a food shoot shot in London for Subcult.


Tattoo Artist

For Getty Images I set myself a little project of photographing Tattoo Enthusiasts, so it seemed prudent to start with my own Tattoo Artist, Max. These went off to Getty Images and are on sale with my other images.


Co-op Store Opening PR

I was commissioned to shoot an official store opening for a new Co-op Store which opened in Cambridge.


Holland And Barrett PR

A series of images shot for Holland and Barrett after a store re-fit.


Body Builders

July was spent shooting body building enthusiasts for their own portfolio, this was two fold for me, as I got a little stock shoot, for Getty Images, out of it as well.


Children Strawberry Picking

A series of images showing a brother and sister picking strawberries on a summers day, in Norfolk. Stock Photographs for Getty Images.


Kids Boxing Club

A series of images shot in a kids boxing club, showing hard work and dedication shown by the next generation.

Young Farmer

A series of images showing a young farmer working on a sheep farmer in South Norfolk.


Portsmouth Trip

A series of images showing friends enjoying the beach and views of Portsmouth.



A series of images showing a lone male practising Tae-Kwon-Do Kata in a studio.



A series of images showing a mechanic at work in his garage.



A series of images showing a professional farmer at work in his work and studio.



A series of images based on a Artist in his studio.


Weight Lifter

A series of images based on weight lifting. A single male weight lifter is working out on his own.


Barber Shop

A series of images from Drakes Barber Shop in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth. The independent business allowed me to shoot for Getty Images, within their establishment.


Dog Grooming

A series of images from a dog grooming business in Great Yarmouth. My dog is the model in the series. It is a independant business.


Tattoo Parlour

A series of images taken in a Tattoo Studio in Gorleston, Norfolk. The images show tattooing in process and the characters that work there.


Dog Walkers

A series of everyday life that is often observed but not engaged with.

The series shows love, togetherness, bonding and the everyday routine people and loyal companion.

The series is shot mainly in Norfolk around regular Dog Walking hotspots.



A series of landscapes from the Scottish mountains.


Real People Portraits

A series of images showing real people in everyday settings.


Moustached Man

A series of images based on the real life character of the model. Sean styles himself in retro clothing and lives his life in this way. He has a unique look that is a joy to work with.


The Swimmers

A series of images of swimming enthusiasts on the cold and overcast day. Three generations of Swimmers preparing to enjoy their hobby. Skills are passed on from generation to generation. Yet age is no boundary to having fun.

Rugby Portraits

A series of portraits of Rugby players in the changing room before the game.

Football: February 2014

A series of images based around football.

Suited & Booted

Gentleman in a Brown suit.


A series of landscapes.

The Last Ride

This was a very moving shoot, a main figure head in the scootering community sadly passed a away after a long battle with illness. More than 200 people from the community turned up to pay their respects.

Mods & Sods

Jamie Garbutt is fascinated with subcultures. The Son of a Skinhead and Modette, born in a seaside town, a regular haunt of the iconic youth movements of their time. Growing up in Great Yarmouth, attending Scooter rallies as a child, he embraced Mod Culture upon the purchase of his first scooter at 19. What followed was a love affair of the past which ultimately inspired his photographic practice.

Mod culture became the main focus of Jamie’s work during the final weeks of his Photographic degree at Norwich University of the Arts: the sharpness of the clothing; the smartness of the haircuts, the enduring style and mystic that Mod culture encapsulates.

Upon Jamie’s move to London, where the Mod movement is alive and kicking, he continued to explore the scene. Meeting and photographing those who live and breathe the lifestyle, who spend their hard earned wages on tailor made clothes from original 1960’s patterns. Jamie wanted his work to be as authentic as possible.

Jamie Garbutt likes to marry his subjects with sympathetic environments as faithfully as possible. Like much of today’s modern fashion, Jamie’s work is a modern take on the Mod cultural classic. His work is sympathetic to this notion. It celebrates the movements failure to move on by recreating the Mod era, with those who are entwined by its charms. Finding the  icons of the era they hold dear so they may experience the little slices of the golden era that still remains. This modern take on a British institution has already gained Jamie recognition within the Photographic community, with shortlisting for AOP Open awards.

The term Mod is short for Modernism, yet the movement, in one sense, died, it failed to evolve as the name suggests it should. This however has worked in its favour. It gives its followers a sleek, stylish look that is instantly recognisable and quintessentially British. The movement evokes emotions of the golden age of 20th century British culture, so when it returned to the wider publics attention again, it was embraced like a old friend.

Faces of Soho

A series of portraits depicting some of the more interesting characters in the Northern Soul Scene in Soho London.

GY’s Finest: 2011

What started out as a lighting test become something much more. Exploring the subculture of the Skinhead movement and what remains of it the town I was born in. During the 80’s seaside towns were a mecca of youths on scooters at bank holidays. Although fashion kept part of the 1960’s Mods style alive, the Skinhead look was abandoned, a few maintain the look and ideals, these aren’t to be confused with the right wing fascists that took the look for their own and spread a message of hate. Most are teenagers inside that refuse to grow up. Never judge a book by it’s cover.


© Jamie Garbutt 2015

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